Friday, July 30, 2010

Four for Four

Dembre is turning four months!

1. Dembre is learning more every day. He is working on about 15 commands presently. "Speak" is the only one that he isn't doing to well in.

2. Only one month until Dembre gets to go out in public. He will also get his official CCI vest. That ought to be interesting. He's excellent on leash and gentle leader though and overall pretty calm. (I need to practice commands a lot in this next month.

3. Dembre has entered is independence stage and is driving me kind of insane. (Yes, I do love that puppy, but this is always my least favorite stage in a puppy's development)

4. He is almost completely housebroken and hasn't had an accident for two weeks and I'm starting to feel ready for going out in public


  1. Dembre isn't allowed to go out into public until he is 5 months old? Thats weird because in Utah they get their Rabies and last booster at 16 Weeks so they can go out in public after that!!
    Sounds like Dembre is doing great!!
    ~Katherine and Breeze

  2. Actually, CCI doesn't want the dogs out into places where a pet dog can't go until they are a pretty well house broken and well rooted in obedience. Dembre has been to parks, public sidewalks, and large gatherings. He just hasn't been to grocery stores and other no pet places.


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