Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Five for Five

Dembre is now five months here are five things that I like about Dembre.

(1) Dembre can now go out in public. Can't wait! I'm going to start with quick in and out trips to the library and then go on to trips to the grocery store and from there to just about anywhere.

(2) Dembre is acting less like a puppy and more like an adult dog. He isn't quite as excitable as he was a couple of months ago. He is content spending a lot of time in a "down" at my feet.

(3) Dembre is great on leash. He trots along at my side with a gentle leader or flat collar on. I don't think that he's going to ever need to wear a training collar.

(4) Dembre hasn't had an accident for weeks and toilets right away on command.

(5) Dembre now fits nicely into our family. He knows his place and all the family rules. Dembre knows our schedule and follows it without any problem. He is well loved and it is now easy to look at his positive side instead of his negative side.

To sum it up I look forward to the rest of his time in my home.


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