Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First REAL Public Outing!

Before puppy class today, I headed to the library for a nice quiet first outing. Our public Library is medium sized and wasn't very busy today. Dembre trotted quietly at my side and did his commands well. One of the librarians came over and visited and his greeting was more excited then I wanted. (note to self: work on greetings). I don't think Dembre really knew he was anywhere unusual. He's staying with a CCI friend , because I'm going to be out of town for Labor Day weekend. Here are some pics from his first outing!


  1. Great work! The library is one of our regular stops with Alfie and the librarians are like his fan club...kinda fun. :-)

  2. The library seems like a GREAT place for a pups first outing.. I just might steal that idea from you Clyde when he gets his vest. haha.


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