Friday, September 17, 2010


Since I last posted Dembre: went to Church, visited Velvet Ice Cream factory, Went to Meijer, Attended puppy class, went and hung out at the playground. Accept for an accident in Meijer (my fault) Dembre acts totally natural in public. His Pano is not really getting better or worse, and the Vet thinks he'll probably get over it pretty easily. I'll put some pictures up soon!

~Elijah and Dembre


  1. Kyle had pano in August. I gave him a baby aspirin every 12 hours for a few days. It cleared right up. I hope you can find something for Dembre. It is so sad to see your puppy in pain.

  2. Dembre doesn't have it to an extreme degree. He's sore and licks and noses his front legs occasionally. The Vet is having me give him a buffered aspirin 2 times a day! Hopefully it works

  3. Howdy Elijah and Dembre!! Another North Central PIT here. It sure is great to read about fellow CCI pups and their exploits. I sure hope they get your pain figured out and you continue on.....keep your paws to the ground and your head held high!

    My humans set me up a blog too:

  4. Thanks for the update; you know we love them!
    Glad he's not doing any worse - we would never want that!

    If you haven't already; don't forget to stop by Rudy's blog soon - he's doing a giveaway which ends tomorrow night!

    Rudy's Raiser

  5. Rudy-
    thanks! :D I'll make sure to enter

  6. Glad Dembre is doing so well and his pano is getting better.


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