Monday, January 31, 2011

10 for 10

Today Dembre is 10 months old! I can't believe he's reached double digits :D Here are ten things that I love about Dembre!
  1. I love Dembre's Kangaroo imitation. When he doesn't have his cape and gentle leader he's enjoys hopping around everywhere he goes. The way he runs around it looks like a dog turned rabbit and then when he is REALLY excited he's 50% kangaroo!
  2. Dembre has really grown up! He isn't ready for turn-in yet, but he is getting there. I'm amazed that now when we're in public he chooses to act super serious and seems to just follow my signals and tends to be confident. Last Tuesday we went to the Columbus airport to pick up my Dad and brother, who were returning from three weeks in the Philippines. Dembre somehow knew he had to put on best performance and calmly followed my stride all over the airport. He ignored the small children who were excitedly talking about him on the elevator and gave a good impression to all the security guards.
  3. Though Dembre still has problems with snatching food off of the floor, I think he attempts to make up for it. Learning quickly is Dembre's way of play. I realized that I'd never taken as much time as I should have working on "wait" (don't pass certain threshold until released) he just learned it. I mean I worked with it a little bit, but it's like he just decided to learn it and not need a lot of work.
  4. Dembre looks a lot like an adult dog now! He will still fill out a little bit, but I realize he's just done with growth spurts. He is still a puppy, but he's a puppy in a grown-up body.
  5. Dembre helps me not take our puppy raising journey for granted. Sometimes when we're not out in public and I'm not doing much I just don't feel inspired to do new things with Dembre and I know that I need to. Dembre makes it easier by always doing new things and inspiring me to do the same. I think that Dembre thoroughly enjoys learning new things and finds joy in making others happy. That is a good service dog trait!
  6. Dembre has made so many friends. When I first became a puppy raiser I knew one other puppy raiser. But now many others have stepped in and helped with Dembre and befriended me. I admit that I need that, because sometimes I just don't know what to do. 
  7. Dembre is flexible! I love that about him! Somehow I just see Dembre becoming a service dog and this is why. As I said earlier Dembre learns quickly and is calm in public, but when you top it off with being willing to do what you do and change routine that makes a phenomenal dog.
  8. I must say that Dembre isn't the most intelligent dog I have met. He's smart, but not brilliant. Well, he still has ways of making people laugh. Even if he doesn't know any super cool tricks. When at home will be in a down and be asked to 'shake'. He hold out his paw and roll onto his back and wag his tail. Right now he is lying next to me at the computer on his back jousting the air with his paws. I love my goofy puppy!
  9. Despite all of Dembre's faults I still would have chosen to raise any other puppy. I look forward to seeing him enter advanced training and I hope that he learns every command, overcomes every hindrance and becomes a service dog!
  10. I have now been puppy raising for 9 months. After all Dembre and I have been through together it feels weird to say I've only been raising for 9 months. I'm sure with every puppy I raise I'll learn new lessons and with every minute I spend with Dembre I learn more about human dog communication and well just new things. When it all adds up, this time with Dembre will be counted as a time of learning and fun.
~Elijah & Dembre

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  1. Happy, Happy 10 months Dembre - you are growing up quite quickly!


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