Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog Award!

Hi All,
Dembre & I received this blog award from Erin & Rob ! Thanks so much!
I am now going to pass it on to a couple of you! I am awarding two puppy raiser blogs and two just for fun blogs.
For puppy raiser blogs! I am giving this "Awesome Blog Award" to:

Ansel at Ansel: The Life and Times of a CCI Puppy.
 Lisa & Hosta at In Training.

Both blogs are very creative, interesting, and fun.

Now for the just for fun blogs! I'm passing this award on to:

Jenn at Unoriginal Originality
Madison at New Miracles

You both have very interesting ideas and are excellent writers! We enjoy reading about your adventures!

To all you who received this award you can copy the award and put on the side of your blog and pass this award on to more "Awesome" blogs.

~Elijah & Dembre
P.S. I hope you enjoyed my dog psychology posts. More may follow at some time! 


  1. Thanks! Can't wait to share this award with other deserving blogs!


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