Friday, February 18, 2011

Dream Chaser (long post; please read if you have time)

On mornings like this one something rises up within me that says, " You were called to be a puppy raiser! Don't give up hope. Be inspired and keep on going!"
As a puppy raiser I realize one thing-- I am following one my biggest dreams. Before I became a puppy raiser I told myself that if I could just chase that dream I would be happy! Well, I won't just be happy for the rest of my life because I get to do the most amazing volunteer job ever, but I do have a lot of satisfaction now! Some of you that follow this blog probably aren't the biggest dog people, but I assume most of you like animals. I believe that God has given each and every human dreams and aspirations. A lot of times we tell ourselves that we're not good enough to fulfill our dreams and many times others jeer at our aspirations. I thank God that my family has kindly let me puppy raise and been very positive. Two posts ago I shared about how my parents have let me follow my dreams. I want to say to all of you out there follow your dreams. Dreams are different for different people. Some may want to puppy raise, others might dream of getting an assistance dog to help them be more independent, maybe some of you dream of being photographers, or musicians, or whatever. I really believe that God placed a desire in me to serve others by raising puppies. My parents dreamed of raising a large family and homeschooling their children. If you have a passion for something, use it! Sometimes following your dreams makes you step outside of your comfort zone. I know that when I got Dembre I didn't know what it would be like to turn him back in to CCI! I wasn't scared, but I knew that I was going to put a lot of work into Dembre and I knew that I would then have to give him up. I hear almost every day, "I would love to raise a puppy, but, well, I just couldn't give them up. " A lot of times those statements are followed by things like, " I really do admire people who do puppy raise I just can't do it myself." Okay, be honest with yourself-- YOU CAN!!! I mean sure it's hard, but think if you have a passion for animals and want to serve other people a great way to do it is raising a puppy for a service/guide dog organization. I'm NOT saying that puppy raising is for every dog lover. Actually, recently my mom and I were trying to think of any friends that we have that would even be interested in puppy raising for themselves. We thought of one person. You see puppy raising takes long term commitment  and a lot of passion. Also, the world needs people who train pets, foster for rescues and humane societies, and many other animal related jobs. 

Hope, Aspire, Aim, Plan, DREAM!
Why did I take the effort to say that? Unsurprisingly it's because I'm pretty sure that each one of you has a wonderful dream, a deep rooted desire. Inside the heart of each young child lies a flight of fancy, a wish, a notion. With time some dreams die, but when you have a true dream it remains deep down inside waiting to be restored in an instant.
Dream! Whether your dream is to puppy raise, learn to play guitar, become an Olympic athlete, or to raise money for charities, just DO what God has called you to do! If your dream is God-inspired every impossibility and road block will be overcome and when your dream is complete you will feel contentment!

Lastly, don't think that I'm trying to turn this blog into a theological or philosophical blog! I am applying what I learned as a puppy raiser to others dreams so you can put this post into the context of your own life!
~Elijah & Dembre 
Dembre is one step of my Miraculous Journey. I am a pit stop on Dembre's Miraculous Journey! 

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