Saturday, February 5, 2011

Make A Difference

Puppy Raising is a way to make a big difference. Some people want to just change the lives of hundreds instantly. As puppy raisers we focus on one dog to bless one person. People ask the question, "How can you give them up?" Though it's hard to explain I kind of want them to go. I'm not scared, because I know that the whole reason behind the last year and a half of training is to hopefully change somebody's life.

I love that CCI gives puppy raisers the chance to befriend and stay in contact with the recipient of the dog that they raised. They don't force the recipients to keep in contact, but a large number do. And on graduation day when you hand over the leash to the puppy's new handler- the one that they will help be more independent- you get to see a year and a half of hard work change somebody's life for the better. For me that is more than enough. If I can change that person's life and know that they are living more independently, every single moment the puppy raising journey would be worth it... and I think it already is. Of course more than half of CCI's dogs are released. But you know that someone is receiving a pet dog that is already trained and that is also a blessing. We can't expect every dog to pass, but we hope that every one does.

I've thought about one thing a lot. When I die what will I be remembered for? Will people say, "He was good man," or "He made a difference in the lives of others." In God's eyes is it better to obtain riches, have nice things, and make yourself happy or is it more pleasing to use your resources in life to make a difference, help others draw close to their Creator, and leave a legacy of love. I would definitely choose to make a difference. Puppy raising is one way to do that effectively. I think God really likes when we do little things for his glory, not just big things. You don't need to have a big ministry that is known for the people it feeds or clothes or ministers to. You can take one puppy and raise it with love to make one person happy and more independent and that makes a difference. The most satisfaction that you will ever get is when you serve another person and make a difference in their life.

~Elijah & Dembre

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  1. I think what you are doing is awesome! Good luck!


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