Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost a year

Wow, so much has happened! Well, for one, Dembre is turning 1 on Thursday ! Can you believe it? Today we were getting dog food and there was a sale so we got two fifty pound bags we figured that those two bags will probably last him until August when he turns-in. *gulp*. It's getting closer by the moment.

I really enjoyed the Third Day/Tenth Ave. North "Make Your Move" concert. I am happy that I didn't take Dembre, because it was louder than I had expected. I do hope that Dembre gets to go to some kind of "lighter" music concert just for the experience. If you've never heard any of Third Day or Tenth Avenue North's music I highly recommend it. Tenth Ave. North is my very favorite band :D

Now back to Dembre. Is it really possible that I only have four more short months with Dembre? Yes, I guess it is :(. The other day one of my friends asked if Dembre was the same dog she had seen awhile before. I said that he was one and the same and she said that she wouldn't have ever thought that he was the same dog. In some ways Dembre isn't. He's more grown up in spirit and size. I could hardly believe that Dembre only needs to "master" about 8 more commands and just needs a little bit of work on others. I see things to work on, but I can't believe that I'm so near to turn-in. BTW, I will have new pics soon. It got cold again here in Ohio and I haven't wanted to get a photo shoot in the cold.

I found this picture of Dembre from the day that I got him. It's blurry, but it shows his puppy grin :D
~Elijah & Dembre


  1. Your blog is awesome. You'll have to give me some tips on how to spruce mine up. We're going through loving and losing together, aren't we?


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