Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We just received the "Stylish Blog Award" from Hawk at Browndogcbr  . Thank you so much for the award! We am happy to pass this blog onto other "stylish bloggers". We can't award all the stylish blogs so we're going to award 4 blogs! we are also supposed to say 7 things about Dembre.

7 things about Dembre
  • He's the sweetest black lab mix that I've met. (this is a bias statement that is void when you own or are raising a black lab mix :P) 
  • Dembre is the happy go lucky kind! He always finds joy in the most simplistic aspects of life.
  • Dembre is AMAZING in public (except for the times he's had accidents)
  • He loves to play ball
  • Dembre comes on command with a lot of energy
  • Dembre is black (Wow! What a statement)
  • He has a really long muzzle and he sneezes when he gets excited
I guess that's it for the 7 things!!!

4 "stylish" blogs
  1. We'd like to award this blog, number one, to Donna, Micron, and Yaxley III at Raising a Super Dog
  2. Next we'd like to past this on to Cassie, Dagan, and Folley at Dagan's Dogma
  3. we want to bestow this award on Amanda and Kyle at Snips & Snails: a puppy dog tale
  4. finally I think that I should award Ruthie at Spectacular Plan
Hope you all enjoy
~Elijah & Dembre 

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  1. Wow, thanks for the award, Elijah! I'm honored to be recognized on your blog. -Donna (and Micron and Yaxley and Jager, too)


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