Monday, April 11, 2011

Upping the Ante

As a puppy raiser and dog trainer in general I have to raise my expectations. I realized that I've never left Dembre by himself out of the crate for more than 20 minutes. He is supposed to be able to be left for longer without any doubts about him chewing stuff up or having an accident. As a puppy raiser for CCI I need to teach Dembre 30 commands. He is really good at about 20 and knows about 25. He still needs to be introduced to "Out" and a few other commands. I have to remember that I have 4 months to have him well prepared for his job as a service dog.

young Dembre practicing
Dembre doing a nice down now!

IT'S TIME! It's time to expect more. Not to see a little pup, but a grown up almost ready to work dog. It's time to practice, practice, practice. I need to know where Dembre is in his training. I need to see where he needs more work and where he is most comfortable. I need a well rounded puppy.

~Elijah & Dembre


  1. Elijah,
    Dembre is a cutie! I have no doubt that he will be ready when the time comes. Keep up the good work!


  2. I think that we hit milestones like this one several times in our puppies' training. Just yesterday I realized another puppy the exactly same age as Rio was going on a lot more outings. Today I decided to push Rio as a result, and he did wonderfully. I'm sure we will have the realization that he can do more several times over.

    Good luck to Dembre in the push to the finish line. :)

  3. Elijah,
    I just starting thinking the same things. You have an amazing ability to get these thoughts out onto your blog. I miss seeing you around CCI. Juanita is at the center now for three weeks during her heat. It is terrible around here without her. We now know a little of what we will be feeling after turn in. This little vacation will hopefully better prepare us for the "empty nest" feeling next Nov. or Aug. for you. I hope to see you later this spring and summer as we proceed on this journey. I know I will never forget your love and devotion for Dembre and CCi.. Next year at this time we will be raising puppy #2 :)

  4. Sara,
    Thanks for stopping by! We're also planning on raising #2. Our thought right now is to get a new puppy the day that Dembre turns-in. Even with a new pup in the house it will be strange without Dembre around :( I know I can turn Dembre in, but it doesn't make it easy.

    Elijah (& Dembre)

  5. What are the 30 things that you have to teach Dembre?


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