Monday, May 16, 2011

May Graduation

A pic of my little sister with Dembre :D
I enjoyed my time at the CCI graduation on Friday! I got to watch my good PR friend turn-in one of my favorite dogs. I also got to see quite a few of my friend's dogs graduate. I also got to go back to the center to watch all the dogs actually turn-in! It was sad and happy! It prepares me for August. I was surprised about how laid back it was. Of course it was hard to give them back, but it was much more casual than I thought. You take a couple of goodbye pictures, talk to your dogs trainer, hand over your dogs info, and put your pup in the kennel. I doesn't make it unemotional, but it makes it less stressful.


  1. I always wondered what the "turn in" process would be like.
    Good luck to you both in the coming months.

  2. Turn ins are never easy, but at least you got the chance to see what to expect before Dembre's. That has got to help.


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