Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Message from Dembre (forward by Elijah)

Forward: Dembre has written on his blog once before to make sure that his fans know that he approves of me talking about him. He has decided to write you another letter to all of you.

Dear Friends,
I was, of course, thrilled to know that people from all over read what I'm doing. I love to play, and work, and cuddle, and play. Usually Elijah (My raiser) is very nice and pets me, but sometimes I'm chewing on something or running around having fun and he tells me to stop. That makes me upset. I like to make people happy. I really do listen well. I know sit, down, roll, shake, let's go, kennel, dress, up, jump, turn, heel, side, and lots of other tricks. Elijah says that they'll help me help someone else, but for now I just need to learn my manners. I get to go to restaurants, stores, and I even get to go to the movies. Lots of people think I'm a baby or something and talk to me like I'm cute, but I'm really quite handsome. Elijah made a fun video of me doing some commands. I like to show off.

lots of licks,
P.S. We'll post the video soon


  1. Yo D, Ansel here.

    Funny how the humans always do that baby talk huh? I mean, do they really think we understand baby talk any more than they do?

    Can't wait to see some action video. Keep your ears up and the tail wagg'n.

  2. thanks for stopping by, Ansel! See you in August :D

  3. Aha! I'm commenting just to prove to you that I DID read your blog!


    Bahaha...you make me laugh Elijah. This was quite amusing. :P

  4. LOL I saw your tangled related comment on Jenoelle's blog and decided to stop by. :P

    I'm not much for dog blogs (sorry *wince*) but I decided to give you a try. So... I'm following!


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