Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Puppy Raiser Blogs {please read}

I just got home from a wonderful vacation in beautiful South Carolina! We spent lots of time at the beach! We got to visit a plantation and experience downtown Charleston! Dembre went to my friend, Marty. My pet dog went to another friend to hang out with their Golden. It was great after having so much rain here in Ohio! We arrived home today and just got Dembre a few hours ago! He got a good report :)

Now to the subject. I was thinking about PR blogs! I'll say one thing, there are quite a few of them. I'm always finding more! I love it! Even though, most of you I've never met and probably won't meet, it's still really awesome, because we all have something in common. I often find more than one thing in common with other puppy raisers. Sometimes they're Christians, sometimes they're home schooled, sometimes they like the same music, or know some of the same people. It's really cool! I know a lot of people in person. Lots of them, but it's really amazing to expand your horizons by talking with people across the world about things that you have in common with them :D. I also love other blogs. I read friend's blogs and I read other everyday life blogs.

Before I actually asked my parent's if they would let me puppy raise I researched. I googled CCI. I got on CCI websites, articles, and then I found it... my first PR blog.The Tails of a CCI Puppy. When I started reading Lauren (CCI PR) had a Golden Retriever named Nuri! I read the blog, eating up everything that Lauren wrote about puppy raising. Nuri turned-in and then got released. Lauren got a pup named Bright II. I kept reading. I highly suggest that you stop by and follow this wonderful blog that inspired me as I put in my application, and waited for a puppy. Through that blog I found another wonderful blog. At that time it was called Raising Miracles .(now called New Miracles) I was excited to find out that Madison, a fellow CCI puppy raiser, was raising in my region of CCI! I read both of those blogs. Then I got Dembre. I decided to start my own blog. Somewhere in there I discovered about 100 other puppy raisers blogs and I still read them as often as I can. Madison is now going to college and isn't currently raising a pup, but I'd still suggest that you all stop by and follow her wonderful blog. (also Madison designed my blog header). I haven't met either of these puppy raisers, but they have inspired me very much! If you're not a dog person it really doesn't always matter. PUPPY RAISER BLOGS ARE NEVER ONLY ABOUT DOGS. THEY'RE ABOUT DOGS AND THE LIVES THEY CHANGE. I KNOW THAT ANIMALS ISN'T EVERYBODY'S PASSION, BUT HELPING OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD BE! Some puppy blogs talk about their dogs almost all the time, but many of them let you see into the life of someone who wants to help other people. I encourage you to follow a puppy blog if you don't already and see if, even though dogs and dog talk might not be your thing, you can still relate to the puppy raiser.

~Sorry for the length
Elijah & Dembre
P.S. you can see more puppy raiser blogs on the side of my blog. If you click on my profile you should see the other blogs that I follow :)


  1. Thanks for the nice words about my blog. :)

    Yes Andros is a service dog in Columbus Ohio for a woman named Barbara.They usually go to the CCI graduations.

    Did you see him?

  2. I might have! I'd like to meet Barbara and Andros! I think she was there in February.

  3. Hi Y'all,

    So glad y'all enjoyed Charleston and the beach.

    I have a friend who is blind and she always raves about the puppy raisers. When I found your blog I started reading and realized exactly why she raves.

    It's so wonderful that y'all are willing to send those pups on to help people who need them.

    BrownDog's Momma


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