Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Adventures

I need to get some new pics of Dembre, but I haven't put this one up for a long time!
As turn-in draws near I have to expect more out of Dembre. Yesterday I was at puppy class and I traded Dembre with another handler and he started being really weird. Dembre's main problem is working with someone else while I'm still present. He keeps on looking at me even though I'm handling another puppy. When he goes to the puppy sitter he always gets a good or decent report! There are things that I need to work on with him and he has problems! I'd say Dembre is AVERAGE! Doesn't sound impressive, but at least he's not in the POOR section!

There's a new puppy raiser in the blogging world! I highly recommend that you stop by and follow this new blog One Puppy... One Vest... Loads of Adventures! Check it out!

~Elijah & Dembre
P.S. I'm still looking for blog suggestions!


  1. There have been several puppies in my group like that over the past few years. Joe use to only want to make sure I was there instead of listening to who ever had him. I worked hard on fixing that problem. Is it possible to let someone else in your family walk him on walks. That seemed to help Joe out a lot, I would walk our other dog and someone else would walk Joe. I also let newer raisers (who didn’t have a puppy yet) work him with me right beside them helping them if needed. Joe picked on quickly that if he listen to whoever had him, he got LOTS of praise from that person! Hope that helps a little!

  2. Well, Dembre only has a problem when I'm present so If I let someone else walk him it would only make a difference if I was there too

  3. there is nothing wrong with average. It's the average dogs that most often get placed. My first dog was "too smart" and they almost didn't put her through the program. They were worried they wouldn't find someone who could outsmart her. We were a good working team, but sometimes her brain got the best of me. LOL I'm sure he'll do fine. Rebbecca's suggestion sounds good-just add you in the mix. :)


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