Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dembre's First AT Report

We got our first official report from Dembre's trainer, Adrena, today. She said that he is doing fine. I mentioned a little while ago that Dembre barked at a stuffed lion. They tested him on leash with different "novel" stuffed items. She said that he was reluctant, but did not vocalize or and overcame his uncertainty! I'll hope he continues to do well! She said that he is not extremely responsive when it comes to voice corrections, but that listens extremely well with a leash correction. I can only hope and pray that he does fine for the rest! Let's hope that I don't get the release call!!!!!

 Last summer Dembre didn't even fit in his puppy cape. Now he is in AT with the hope of becoming a service dog!!!!
Our program manager said that we would never get a report that we liked, so I was thrilled that Dembre is still in AT and that he doesn't seem to be on the verge of release!

~Elijah & Hobart II (with Dembre in our prayers)


  1. Good news Elijah! Be proud of your great work.

  2. YAY Dembre - keep up the great work! You are doing so well and continue to make your PR proud!

  3. Thanks, all! I hope that you got a good report on Ansel, Mark. I'm praying that turn-in goes well for you, Lisa. Thanks so much, Madison and Spark!!!!!!

  4. I'm glad he's doing well. Go Dembre :)

  5. What a great feeling for that first report success!!

  6. Thanks again! I'm so happy that Dembre has made it this far! I hope he continues to do well so that he can go on to be a service dog!


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