Thursday, August 25, 2011


 Since last June, "Miraculous Journey" has received 9,000 + hits. I currently have 55 "followers" plus quite a few regular readers. I am trying to get 45 more followers by Christmas (4 months from today) so that I can reach 100 followers. If you read my blog regularly and enjoy reading it and looking through the pictures it's fairly simple to join. You can go down to the blue button that says "join this site" and click on it. You can follow with Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Netlog, OpenID, and AIM. If you have any of those accounts just click the icon of the one you want to use to follow Miraculous Journey and follow the instructions from there. It's simple!!! I would love at least 1 more follower by the time I get 10,000 hits! Only 45 followers to go :)

after writing the last blog post
blogging pup
~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. :) I'll try to remember to link you in one of my upcoming posts. :))) I hope you reach your goal alot sooner, I'm hoping by halloween, and maybe get even farther along by the beginning of the year!

    Good luck,

  2. Thanks, Bleah! I can't rush people so I'll give them some time :)

    Elijah (and Hobart II)

  3. How can anyone say no to a little puppy face?

  4. Thanks for following! 44 left to go :D

  5. Elijah,
    At this moment, I'm unable to raise another puppy - as I can't afford the dog food/etc & gas to/from puppy meetings. (I had a local business that covered those costs for me - but they aren't doing well in this economy and are unable to continue sponsoring my dogs).
    I'm seeking a "sponsor" who could cover those financial needs for me, and if I can find one - I will continue raising guide dog puppies.
    I've contacted a couple business, and hopefully will be finding a sponsor in the next couple weeks.
    Please pray that I'm able to find a sponsor!
    Allison - Rudy's Raiser

  6. Rudy,
    Good luck finding a sponsor! I'll be praying for you too.

    I didn't know you could have a sponsor for the puppy, what happens if it doesn't become a service dog?


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