Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10,000 + hits!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Miraculous Journey has had more than 10,000 views!!! We have 64 followers!!! Miraculous Journey has had hits from lots of countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, India, Russia, Canada, Bahrain, Chile, The Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Serbia, Romania, Pakistan, Venezuela, and the list goes on! Miraculous Journey received hits from every continent! I want to thank all of you if you are a first time reader or someone who has read my blog for awhile or even since the beginning! You have given me a chance to talk about CCI and my mission as a CCI puppy raiser! Thank you, Thank you! Many of you have read while I raised Dembre and now as I'm raising Hobart II! I hope I will continue blogging as I continue raising puppies! God has blessed me by giving me such an opportunity to be part of a miracle!
first picture I ever posted on this blog (June 2010)

most recent picture I posted (last week)
~Elijah & Hobart II

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