Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Four for Four

Hobart turned 4 months old yesterday, but I didn't realize that and so I didn't do a post. I am amazed that he's already four months old. We went to the vet for his shots and the vet commented on how many teeth he's lost and how huge he is for four months. 33 pounds!!!
  1. Hobart is a truly wonderful dog to raise. He is affectionate, but also has a good sense of independence. So far he has been pretty easy.
  2. He is Hobart the 2nd and my 2nd puppy!
  3. He has done great on house breaking (so far) and has gotten so much better in the crate
  4. Amazingly, Hobart has learned "down" after all of his struggles and has also gotten the grasp on "stand"
Dembre around 4 months old
Hobart II around 4 months old

   Elijah & Hobart II


  1. I like how you put up contrasting photos of Dembre and Hobart. Wow! Hobart is huge, especially compared to Dembre!

    The way you explained Hobart as being affectionate but also independent sounds a lot like my Jonquil. :)

  2. Hobart is so big and cute. Spark turned 8 months on the same day Hobart turned 4 months. Cool!

  3. that's really neat. Just double the age :D

  4. Hobart sure is growing! Glad to hear he's doing well and a happy four months to him!

    Rudy's Raiser

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