Monday, October 10, 2011

Puppy Raising and Life

"Do not use your gifts to define you. Use your gifts to glorify God"~ Kevin Davenport
 This is such a true statement! I try to live it out! I am not a puppy raiser I am a Christian who raises service dogs. I am not a musician am a Christian who plays music!
I enjoyed a weekend downtown for a conference! Hobart enjoyed his weekend playing with four other dogs! We both got the best of both worlds!

It was strange to be without a dog, but sort of nice! I felt very free! I kept on thinking I needed to run back to our hotel to get out the puppy, but then I'd remember that there wasn't a puppy to take out! Sometimes it's nice to get away. Even though I love puppy raising, It felt nice to not have everybody people talking to me just because I had a dog! I attend this conference every year and so I know plenty of people that attend, but if it was my first time it would be nice to have a dog with me.

I know people who are defined by raising puppies and I know people who love CCI and are very dedicated to the program and people, but still manage to love other things. That's who I have tried to be! I don't want to be known only as the boy with the dog, but as a person like everyone else, who doesn't get stared at as he passes.

It always amazed me when one of my friends would be without her dog, because you would have never even known that she loved dogs, but now I realize that that's the way it's supposed to be! Connect on different levels!

But then I was talking to a friend of mine at the conference, who lives in CA (Southwest Region). He is thinking about applying for a facility dog, because he works in the therapy department. Then another friend in the SWR who's son has a disability, who is seriously thinking about applying for a CCI skilled companion dog!!! I'm amazed!

One way to reach the world!
~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. I don't think you will avoid the boy with the dog label, but over the years i do find I take my puppies out less and less mainly because there are times when I need to do things for MYSELF lol

  2. Well, I probably can't avoid the label just because labels are given by what others see!


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