Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I've learned from Puppy Class

"I learn something new every single time I go to puppy class"~ Donna V. (raising puppy number 7)

It's so true! I attend CCI puppy class most weeks at the NC training center!  We work on commands and the trainers answer questions as well as giving us dog handling advice! We get corrected for not doing things correctly and are shown clearly how to train better! I just returned from a class where we worked with pool noodles to try to avoid touch sensitivity by touching the dogs on the backs and legs while working on commands! We also walk around a training room and practice command sequences where the dogs follow are instructions for up to about twenty commands in a row! Sometimes we use the class to discuss common problems in puppies or to work on one specific thing, but I'll say that every time I go there I learn so much! I get to be with other puppy raisers who help me feel better about my mistakes and correct me for them as well! It's always nice to have people that are there to support you as you try to make miracles possible!

I forgot my camera at class......
Elijah & Hobart II

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