Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 for 7

Hobart is SEVEN MONTHS OLD! I really can't believe it.
I have been raising my current miracle for 5 months. It really just blows me away!!!! 
God has really blessed our time together so far!
I'm going to say 7 things I admire in Hobart.

  1. Hobart is confident. He has spunk and is willing to get out there in public and not avoid more stressful environments. 
  2. He's independent. Sometimes it's not such a blessing, but his ability to not have to look to a handler for everything is something I really appreciate!
  3. Hobart is very affectionate. I know that some people don't really think dogs care about relationships and bonding. I disagree. Hobart has a distinct personality. He really enjoys just hanging out!
  4. Hobart is energetic. He is always ready for an adventure
  5. He is intelligent. He learns things quickly and picks up on peoples emotions. He's a very understanding pup.
  6. He is handsome. This isn't part of his personality, but it's true. He's quite a good looking pup. More people say, "He's so pretty," than, "he's so well behaved". 
  7. Hobart is AMAZING. I'll say that he's a great friend. I've enjoyed raising him so much. He's part of me and I am really thrilled now that I'm taking him almost everywhere with me. He fits right in with my lifestyle. I think I'm really gonna miss him when he turns in! 

 ~Elijah Knapp


  1. Very nice! Hobart is very handsome and looks so grown up! I understand the whole independent thing too, Spark is very independent but this drives me nuts sometimes. : )

  2. :D Well thank you! Hobart is a lot of fun to have around so I'm sure you enjoy working with Spark too!

  3. Hobart is so handsome - great pictures. He shares Haddie's look in picture #2. Our babies are growing up!! Happy 7 Months, Hobart!!

  4. I know! can you believe how fast the time flies?

  5. I can't believe he's that old either! They grow up to fast. I can't wait for Hunter to be old enough to start going everywhere, I miss having a little friend out in public. Hobart looks great!!

  6. He is almost 12 weeks. He is my second "H." So far I have had M, M, H, H :)


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