Friday, January 13, 2012

So Close, but so far

Guess what....... It's only THREE WEEKS until Dembre starts team training. That means in just over a month I could be handing Dembre over to his new partner!!!!!!!!! I'm SO SO SO excited!

Over the last 5 months I haven't really thought that much about Dembre graduating. I've prayed and hoped that he wouldn't get released, but graduation seemed so far away!!!!!!! Now it's not! If all goes well he'll be a service dog by the middle of February. I'm stunned. I worked since May of 2010 to get Dembre to where he is and now he's almost to the biggest day of his life. I won't say I'm surprised that he hasn't been released, because he always had a good personality apart from anything I did. His reports were good and so I'm not surprised, but I'm awed by how close I am to the moment I've waited for!

That day when I picked Dembre up I didn't know what I was expecting, but I didn't look forward and see who I am now and who he is now....
It seemed not too far away when I turned in Dembre, but still not too close. I didn't know whether he'd graduate or not, but it seems that he might
Thanks to all of you as you have supported me for the last year and a half.

Hopefully we'll see Dembre graduate soon!!!!

Elijah & Hobart II (with Dembre in our prayers)


  1. Sure is looking good for Dembre!! Hopefully Ansel and fellow KC Chapter pup Chloe will also succeed.

  2. I hope all of them make it! Dembre's brother is in to :D

  3. I have a blog, but it's private. Is there a way I can get your email to add so you can read it?

    1. sure, you can email me at if that works.

    2. OK, I sent the invite so you should be able to see it now.


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