Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Remember when......

Time slips away quietly. It sneaks past us all and suddenly we think... Where has the time gone?

this is a precious moment :)
I find myself asking that now! I'm excited that friends Mark and Deb get to watch their first puppy, Ansel, who turned in with Dembre graduate! This gives me a reality check. Wasn't it just yesterday that we were talking about turn-in and graduation... the bright future. The thing that is strange is that I talk about the future, but so easily forget how fast the time flies... soaring away before I even know it's there.

Two things sunk in recently... Dembre is actually fulfilling his purpose, and no matter how many times I said it, it seemed strange until now... somehow surreal. and secondly that Hobart is now 10 months old and not so far from turn-in. I'll be traveling for a lot of the summer, which means I'll be apart from Hobart and before I know it.... BOOM it'll be turn-in.

Something inside me screams, "Stop! This can't be happening. What happened to that little puppy? Those perfect summer days playing in the yard?" but another voice speaks softly. "This is what is supposed to happen... it's destiny and this is your chance to change a life."

was that almost two years ago already?
I'm embracing the second one... no matter how fast the time moves or how much I forget that it's going... I, no all of us, need to concentrate on what really matters. We can so easily make life into a routine without any joy to it... any picture perfect moments, but I urge you to take time to live NOW and to make memories. There's only so much time and it's ours to use wisely! Today is a gift from God!

~Elijah & Hobart II


  1. You are wise beyond your years! It seems like yesterday we turned Ansel in and POOF, 9 months have come and gone.

    Can't wait to meet Hobart :^)

    1. Why thank you, Mark. It is the strangest thing as a puppy raiser isn't it? Probably as a parent too! IT's just a second and then it's just a memory :)

      Hobart can't wait to meet you :o)


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