Thursday, November 8, 2012

Just today and then goodbye

Just today and then goodbye. That makes me feel a little strange. With Dembre I spent weeks of my summer preparing for turn-in remembering taking pictures and just trying to get the most out of our time.
Right now I'm dog sitting two other dogs and am just super busy and it feels very tough to just slow down and sit on the floor and talk to Hobart for awhile. Part of my lack of preparation would be my extreme surprise if he actually gets past week two. Second would just be that Hobart feels like he's so much a part of my family and life that he can't just leave.
There may be a few farewell tears, but I still look forward to the journey that God has ahead for both of us.
he's sad to have to leave too

Until tomorrow
~Elijah & Hobart II (for one last time)

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