Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hobart and me

On Sunday I had the privilege of going with a puppy raiser friend of mine, Hobart, and two other pups up to Pittsburgh to meet part of Hobart's new family and to hand Mr. Hobart over to them :)
We met them in Pittsburgh, but he's  living on the Coast of North Carolina.

When I first came in to see Hobart he went wild... after 2 months without seeing him I was almost as enthusiastic when I got to hang out with him. I got to spend the 3 hour car ride sitting with him and he was perfectly happy to just hang around me :P

So we got to where we were meeting his new family and handed him over and he happily jumped in their car and was ready for an adventure! (You can count on Hobart for that).

Now he's happily living in a wonderful home in North Carolina. His family has a beach house where they take their pups on weekends, they have a dog just 4 months older than Hobart so now he has an energetic play mate, and he has a large yard to play in. His new family couldn't be more excited to have him and I don't blame them. He is made to be a great pet!

This home is Hobart's dream... He'll get to have an active (and much more carefree lifestyle) as well as having a family that expects less of him and yet cares about him. He loves attention and people and there's nothing I could want more for him than a great home.
as cute as ever

Hobart's just a little distracted
Hobart on the ride to PA
handsome little man
intently looking at the camera (the other one)
My friend's pup, Dudley! He's adorable!
My friend's pup, Hana! Isn't she pretty?
It seems strange, though. That chapter of my life (the one with Hobart) has closed... Perhaps he'll be a returning character in the future, but he's not my pup any more. Admittedly, I'll miss my little man. He will remain one of the goofiest and best looking dogs that I've ever worked with.

It's times like these when I really forget how the time has flown. It's kinda happy and sad. More than 3 years ago now I decided to puppy raise... In May of 2010 I got Dembre... In August 2011 he turned-in.... In February of 2012 he graduated.
In August of 2011 I picked up Hobart... In November of 2012 I turned him in... In December 2012 he got released... In January 2013 he found his way to his forever home...
I'm proud of my boys, but while I wait for pup #3 I just have to think about things change over time!

~Elijah (with a long wait til pup #3)


  1. Seriously - can the siblings look any more identical?! I love seeing pictures of Hobart and seeing the SAME expressions and mannerisms as Haddie. Ha! I don't know the outcome of Haddie (turn-in Feb), but I know that if her forever life will be Pet Status - she will be the absolute best pet too!! YAY HOBART - happy every after with your new family!!!

    1. I know.... Don't they look so much alike! Well, I Hope Haddie graduates and goes on to be an amazing service dog :D

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