Thursday, June 10, 2010

Puppy Class

Well, Dembre went to his first puppy class last night! He was amazing!!! He sat on command with no prompting like fourty times with at least 15 other dogs and lots of people! He walked calmly on a loose leash most of the time and payed a lot of attention to me! He did HERE really well and his Let's Go's were good for a nine week old puppy!!! I was surprised at how he wasn't stressed or excited by the other dogs! The only thing that he had a hard time with was DOWN for more than a minute! Here are some pics of Dembre and I out by the CCI sign!!!


  1. Very nice photo, I take a photo by the CCI sign every time I pick up and turn in!

  2. Thanks! We were going to take a pic by the sign when we picked Dembre up two weeks ago, but we forgot! When does Butler turn in?

  3. Butler Turns in this August! I'm looking forward to it and dreading it, all at the same time. Are you coming to the August grad? You totally should :)

  4. My PR friend Mary Beth told me that I should go! I was going to go to the April graduation, but I couldn't! Hopefully I'll be there and maybe I'll get to meet you, though Dembre won't be old enough to go! By the way I'm a thirteen-year old homeschooler! As you probably saw on the blog Dembre is my first!

  5. oops, Dembre was ten weeks not nine!


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