Friday, June 11, 2010

Puppy Raising Adventures

We all have some not so great nights of sleep with new puppies around! So 1:30 this morning I heard some whining so I decided to take Dembre out for a potty break. He went quickly and I was about to crate him when I noticed diarrhea in the back of the crate. I have an airline style crate so I had to take it apart and go outside at about 1:45 to hose it out scrub it! I finished that and happily put Dembre in the crate and tried to sleep. Dembre decided that he wanted to stay up so he barked for the next two hours! Everybody else in the family was waking up and I was still deprived of sleep. Eventually Dembre quieted down and I got another two hours of good sleep!
Here are some photos of all the dogs in our house right now.
In order:
Pepin (pet dog)
Tenor (dog sitting)
Sandy (dog sitting)


  1. Those are 4 good looking dogs; of course, I'm partial to the last two :) Thanks again for dog sitting!

  2. Your Welcome! I will be happy to watch them again :)


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