Thursday, October 28, 2010

BIG Update, Weigh In, Esc.

So since the last time I posted, which wasn't very long ago, Dembre went out to dinner, the movies, the CCI Halloween party, and Dembre is currently at the Vet getting neutered.

First things first. Our little movie going outing was "interesting". We went to Qdoba Mexican Grill for dinner and of course Dembre went with us. And next thing I know Dembre gets kicked out!!! Fun... NOT! Fortunately our van was near by and It wasn't too cold or too warm for him to put in the van. We quickly finished our dinner and left. The movie went great! Dembre laid quietly on the floor and waited. The movie was good and just about the right length for a puppy's first time.

Last night was the CCI Halloween Party. Though we don't celebrate Halloween, we went to introduce Dembre to Halloweenish stuff just in case. It really wasn't a party. It was a puppy class addressed to problems dogs meet during Halloween season. I got to meet a puppy raiser from New Jersey, who is attending OSU. Her parents are finishing raising her current dog and she said that she hopes to raise a puppy next year. A brand new puppy also joined the class. A female from Alondra and Paxton's "H" litter. Haiku III is an adorable Yellow Lab who's really confident. Her puppy raiser got her right out of the kennels after class and she went right off and played with the other dogs.

Lastly, Dembre is getting neutered. We dropped him off and he is the second appointment today. He'll probably be back right around 2:00. And for the weigh in! Dembre is: 56 lbs.

Miss Haiku playing with Hepburn

My little brother as a CCI puppy at the Halloween party

Dembre at CCI NC

Dembre at puppy class
Miss Haiku, what a cutie!

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