Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CCI NC Staff Appreciation Dinner

Today I went to CCI for a staff appreciation dinner. I got to talk to most of CCI's North Central Region dog trainers/instructors and catch up with my volunteer puppy raiser friends. I had some fun conversations, ate lots of good food, and got to be with some awesome dogs.

As most of you may remember, about a week ago I did a post on Neo, my friends CCI pup that was turning-in. Now Mary Beth has her new puppy, Michael III. He's SO adorable here are some pictures of the dinner and of Michael!
The CCI staff getting food

CCI puppy raisers, volunteers, and staff

Michael III :D

SO cute!

Michael relaxing

Dembre, Michael III, Niles, Excel (the yellow one in the middle) , and Harvey

Michael III

Once again the most adorable puppy I've ever seen except for Dembre that is :D

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