Monday, November 15, 2010

My Weekend (& why I wasn't at the graduation)

To celebrate my Mom's birthday we went to our Grandparents for the weekend. Of course Dembre came along. On Friday we went to the "Akron Fossils and Science Center", a small museum in Akron, Ohio. Dembre was very calm for the tour and was really quite impressive.

It was really cool because, even though I couldn't be at the graduation, I met somebody who was friends with the graduate who was receiving CCI dog Dreamer. Of course Friday afternoon was graduation day so it seems pretty amazing that we would meet a friend of a graduate hours away from CCI. And of course if Dembre wouldn't have been along we would never have talked to the people about Dreamer.

Our Grandpa is a pro photographer so we went to "Cayahauga National Park" to get family pictures done. Dembre was once again good and calm and did pretty well for pictures. He got to visit his first water fall and didn't act like it was anything new.

On Sunday we went to Mass with our Grandma. Dembre had never been to a Catholic Church, only our Church. Once again he did well and he did a "quiet" down for the hour long service.

Dembre & Pepin outside of the museum

Though really hard to see, Dembre is next to that Dinosaur

Dembre outside the museum

Dembre by the Rocky River

Dembre by the rocky river

Dembre at my grandparent's house

Dembre in the woods at my grandparent's house

Dembre at Buttermilk Falls

Dembre near Buttermilk Falls

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