Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neo (Dembre's honorary big brother)

Neo, my friend Mary Beth's CCI pup, is turning in 6 days :( Mary Beth was the one who started me on my puppy raising journey and has my highest regards. Neo has been Dembre's big brother and canine mentor since Dembre started training with me. Neo has taught Dembre many things and every time they see each other their tails start wagging and their ears go up. I'm going to miss Neo! Good luck with advanced training :D And good luck to Mary Beth with puppy #12 Michael III :)
Here are some pictures of Dembre and Neo when Dembre was little (picture credits to Mary Beth):
Dembre and Neo are such patient CCI pups

play time
the chase is on  


  1. Hello!
    Here is my answer. I am not planning on raising a puppy while I am in college because of my time commitments and I live in a dorm. I will probably not raise again for about 5 years. I plan to raise once I'm out of college and have a teaching job!

  2. Yes Suzanne was Andros's Trainer for his 1st and 3rd Semester. I've had Tonya, Suzanne, and Gwen as my dog's trainers. I only borrow Titus when I am home from another puppy raiser. He is my "I need a CCI puppy" puppy :)

  3. Great pictures! I absolutely love photos of dogs and puppies running. They look so sweet.

    I'm not sure if Laura will wear a vest or cape. Not even sure what the difference is. She's not to the point where she needs one, yet.


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