Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dembre is doing well! He's kind of hitting one of those "bratty" stages though. He just likes to test me to see what I'll do. I've dealt with this plenty of times in the puppy stage of my own Golden Retriever and my previous foster dogs (for a local rescue).

I just found out all the dates for next years graduations. If Dembre's turn-in remains unchanged I'll be turning him in on November 12 2011. I am hoping to pick up another puppy on the same day or within a weeks time. I also found out that next month all puppy raisers turning in their dogs in the next year will receive their official turn-in date in December. I'm kind of scared, but relieved, because I will find out if Dembre turns-in in August '11 or November '11. I'm fine either way. It feels really weird to be preparing myself for Dembre's turn-in a year in advance.

~Elijah and Dembre

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  1. I love that photo. He's gorgeous.

    Laura has been out in public since she was 6 weeks old - we just carried her. Things move a lot more quickly here - we will only have Laura for about a year, give or take a month or two. Her formal training begins around 12 months of age and is a little less than a year long. We've had her with us in restaurants, pubs, while grocery shopping - everywhere we go since she was six weeks old. She just has to be carried until 12 weeks.

    Is Dembre not allowed in public?


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