Monday, December 13, 2010

Crazy Weekend (long post)

Last week the pastor of our church passed away after a long battle with cancer. We our happy by the fact that he has gone to be with the Father, but many people around the globe will miss his leadership and friendship.
People from all over the world came in for the funeral so right now a pastor from the Philippines is staying with me and my family. On Friday my Dad wanted to show the pastor around Columbus so our whole family including Dembre went out to lunch and then to the Ohio Statehouse. Dembre sat quietly at lunch and was a perfect pup. I can now say that my CCI pup has been in the Senate meeting room and house of representatives for Ohio. Dembre got a warm welcome from the state troopers working at the state house and there were no problems as to access.
After our statehouse visit we went straight to the calling hours for our pastor. So Dembre rested for that time, though still in public, I allowed him to lie down and sleep. Everybody was hungry after the calling hours so we went to Chipotle to get some dinner. I wasn't sure how it would go taking Dembre to Chipotle, because last time we took him to a mexican grill he got kicked out, but we had no problems.
On Saturday morning we went straight to the funeral for our pastor. Dembre was very serious and quiet for the service and from watching how he reacted to the moods of people and how he's always looking for ways to be of use I think he'd make a great Service dog. After the funeral we went to a friends house for lunch and then on to a graduation party at our church. Dembre was able to sleep a little bit at the party and then on the way home, but when we reached my house I took his cape and gentle leader off and he curled up in a ball and went to sleep. I seriously think he slept for four hours without moving a muscle!
You might be thinking that and 8 month old puppy shouldn't do that much in one weekend and usually I would agree. Both days that we went out it would have been too long to crate him and Dembre's just different. He takes everything in stride and stays calm. The only thing that I have seen a problem with in public is greetings, which he did very well over the weekend, and a little bit of stress when trying to rest in a public place. I think he feels like he needs to work not relax so he gets a little funny.
Dembre in the snow on Friday morning

Dembre in the main rotunda at the statehouse

A blurry picture of Dembre  in the main rotunda at the statehouse

Dembre in the house of representatives (the meeting room for Ohio)

Dembre visiting the house of representatives meeting room

Dembre in the senate room

Dembre in the senate room

Dembre and I sitting on the floor map of all the Ohio counties
 God bless and merry Christmas,
~Elijah & Dembre


  1. WOW that was a lot! Dembre did great and is maturing quite nicely! Sorry to hear about your pastor.

  2. Dembre -YOU are a handsome boy. And seem to be in very good hands with Elijah. I love your photos and your enthusiasm, Elijah!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following us there. I just updated it today as I was pretty late with a post - but there is big news! Go see :D) By the way I grew up in Ohio so I am also enjoying hearing about the adventures you share in my "home state". Thanks again! Vickie

  3. Wow, Dembre is just 2 weeks younger then Rudy - the guide dog puppy I'm raising!
    He's a handsome fellow; love the photos - keep up the great work!
    We are a new follower of your blog; thanks for stopping to visit us last week!

    Rudy's Raiser


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