Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Time

It's a beautiful, snowy Ohio. Wreaths hang on most doors and people bustle about doing Christmas shopping. I love Christmas. It's a beautiful holiday and a good way to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Yesterday Dembre and I went caroling at a nursing home with friends. Dembre added a wonderful touch to the experience. Multiple people opened up and talked about the dogs they had owned in the past and their love for animals. All went well and Dembre worked just like a Therapy dog... until the end! I knew I needed to take Dembre out to "hurry", but I didn't realize that the door was locked from the inside and you needed a code to get out. An alarm went off and Dembre started to go just before we made it outside. Darn it!!! The nursing home workers were very kind and didn't freak out. I got Dembre outside quickly and Dembre finished going. We cleaned it up quickly up the mess and left. I felt so sorry for the people at the nursing home having to deal with that, but can only blame myself for the accident. I should have gotten Dembre out sooner since I knew he needed to go. I feel terrible for Dembre since he is a "housbroken" dog he obviously didn't want to go inside he was trying to hold it until we got out, but mistakes happen. Our puppy program manager said that at about eight months CCI pups usually give a have a bit of regress, especially in public. :( Well hope that doesn't happen again :D

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