Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I went to an indoor waterpark for the weekend so Dembre went off to the puppy sitter. He just got back :)

When Dembre was about 5 months old I clipped his nails and he was struggling a little bit. As many of you know it's hard to cut the nails of a squirming dog with black nails. So I hit a quick on one of his front paws. His nail bled for awhile, but the blood stopped within a couple of minutes. Since then nail clipping has been a struggle, but whenever he goes to another PR for awhile and they cut his nails they never talk about him being bad.  I started to give him treats when I had the nail clippers and praised him when he allowed  out and praisedToday when I picked up Dembre the puppy sitter said that she clipped his nails and he was perfect. No problem!!! Realization... Dembre is scared of me when I have the nail clippers. I don't need to change his fear of nail clipping. I need to turn around his fear of me clipping his nails!

Everybody PLEASE stop by and follow CCI breeder Cara's blog. Cara is Dembre's mom and recently whelped her 5th and final litter. The 'O' pups are now just a little over a week old. There are three boys and 6 girls. So PLEASE go visit this blog. The photographs are beautiful :)

~ Elijah & Dembre

P.S. I'll post some pictures of Dembre in the snow soon :)

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