Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My little boy :P (long post)

Dembre is my little boy or is he! I think of him as my little boy, but is he little. The answer is NO! He is 60 pounds and is very, very mature. I don't know if I'll stop calling him my little boy while he's still with me. At turn-in next year I'll still probably think of him as the little 14 pound puppy who, when I first saw him, my heart stopped beating and I suddenly really realized for the first time that I was picking up a little puppy that could someday be a life changing miracle for someone with a disability. It hit me that this was a big step in my life that I was now a Canine Companions for Independence Volunteer puppy raiser. I had dreamed of that moment, prayed that that moment would come true, and wondered when it would be, if ever. Dembre has been such a blessing to raise. I know I sound like it's turn-in or something and I just realized that because he's gone, but he's not. Realistically I still have quite a while with Dembre, but I know that turn-in will come and I'll be so proud. Now don't begin to imagine that all I do is sit around all day thinking about Dembre leaving. Believe me, I cherish every moment of this journey. God has appointed me this special role, to love and nurture a service dog. For awhile after getting Dembre I didn't really realize that I am now one of those puppy raisers. I'm just the same as many of you. But still it's hard for me to believe that now I have had Dembre for 6 months and 3 days. Half a year of growing and learning!


  1. I too, was blessed with my first puppy at a time that was most meaningful to me. I needed a change and I did change, for the better.
    Glad to see a guy raising, its usually girls, but we need more guys! lol

  2. The time flies by so so so so so fast!! It may seem long now but you'll blink and he'll be all grown up and ready to go back!! Have fun!

    Erin & Pompei @ Pompei's Progress


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