Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eight for Eight

Dembre is today 8 months old (or is that correct he was born on the 31st, but today is the last day of November). Well, whatever! I'm going to do this post anyway!
  1. Dembre is such a wonderful puppy to raise. He's so cuddly!
  2. I love how he bows and stretches every time he gets excited. 
  3. Dembre is so mature when in public.j He acts like he's ready to be a service dog...until someone wants to pet him :)
  4. Dembre's a cute young gentleman that gets all the ladies. He's just the most irresistible black dog that I have ever met. His eyes are beautiful and he's such a flirt (in a usual guy way). He just has his ways!
  5. Dembre loves to work. I must admit he is obsessed with the 'lap' command though. Whenever I give him the command he puts his two front paws across my lap so that he doesn't hurt me. He has to learn this command so he can assist somebody by picking up dropped items and jumping up in their lap to give them the item. Dembre doesn't get that and just wants attention
  6. Dembre is playful, but not too playful. He knows when it's time to back off and settle down. 
  7. I love how Dembre rolls over on his back and paws the air as an attempt to get attention. His attempts fails, but he keeps trying. 
  8. Dembre has grown up so fast! I don't know how my puppy has turned into a well trained, ready to go kind of dog from a little puppy that wanted to chew on his toys and
God bless,
Elijah & Dembre

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  1. Yay for eight months! Vance is just a teeny bit ahead of Dembre, he just turned one this month


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