Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Outlook (long post)

I recently realized that my outlook on a lot of things has changed since I became a puppy raiser! I discovered that I feel more comfortable in public with a dog by my side. I also realized that my true passion for dogs has been discovered through a passion for people. For a long time a fostered rescue dogs and made my mission saving dogs who might have otherwise been euthanized. I love dogs and want them to live and I will always support rescues and their mission to save animals and find them new homes. But I discovered that my love for dogs could be fulfilled more through puppy raising, because of my passion for people! I want to make an eternal difference in the life of human beings, who were made in God's image and are His highest priority. If I can draw someone close to my Savior by raising a puppy then that is my mission. Don't get me wrong I do not want God's valuable creation being abused or abandoned and I have a passion for strays. If I were to chose a pet dog, my first choice would be a rescue dog. I love mixed breed dogs and I love dogs who are grateful to me for saving them. Adopting a CCI release would probably be my second choice. But REMEMBER: I AM NOT SAYING THAT CCI DOG'S ARE PREFERABLE TO RESCUE DOGS!!! I do think it is necessary for CCI to have a specific breeding program and I don't feel like that is irresponsible or adding to the problem of euthanasia. CCI breeds it's own dogs and every dog will go to a god permanent handler. We might not be helping save dogs, but we're not adding to the number that need to be saved!

~Elijah & Dembre


  1. Hehe. I hate going out in public without a puppy. The week after Freya left I felt so awkward in public because I kept looking to my left to make sure Freya was paying attention to me and no some birds or other mobile objects. :D

  2. Elijah - you have a very mature and wise outlook on all of this. CCI and similar organizations breed responsibly for health and temperament and have the resources and dedication to ensure each of their puppies finds a good home. Just think if every dog owner acted with the same accountability for their dogs and offspring, the pet overpopulation problem would virtually disappear. Wouldn't that be wonderful!


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