Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Recovering/Dembre Update

Last time I posted I said that I was recovering from sickness. Well, I'm still recovering! I've regained about 1/2 of my usual strength and can hold out long enough to do some chores around the farm. Unfortunately I have picked up a cough and some congestion. I continue to do all I can to have a full recovery to health. Since I am feeling well enough to do some work I can also give Dembre more attention. He has gotten a lot of play time and I've thrown a ball for him to fetch inside. He got a long grooming session today and have tried to show Dembre I care every chance I get. I still don't feel like I can do a whole lot in the cold outdoors, except for short walks and bathroom breaks. Dembre would really like to play more in the snow though. Before I was sick he got to play quite a bit in the snow, but now that I'm not feeling well he's missing the play outside.
Dembre sitting by fire at our house

Beautiful! (Of course I'm not out there jogging with Dembre)

Sun through the icy trees!


  1. :( Feel better soon Elijah!

    Btw--I loooove that second's gorgeous. =]


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