Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unexpected Problems

I am currently recovering from sickness so I haven't posted and haven't done a whole lot.  I missed three days of school and slept away most of every day. As a result Dembre has had less attention that he would like and has spent more time in his crate than he usually does. He has gotten to play with my keeper dog, Pepin, some, but has spent a lot of his time restricted to being calm. My wonderful family has helped with him, but he is still somewhat deprived of exercise and attention. Yes, you needed to know that before I could tell you the following:

Yesterday Dembre had an accident!!! And today Dembre had an accident!!! Yesterday I don't know what happened, but today I literally took Dembre out 7 minutes before he had the accident. I am surprised that Dembre would do such a thing! HE'S NINE MONTHS OLD!!! When we got Dembre he seemed pretty easy to house break, but later on struggled with it. At 6 months he had an accident and at 8 months he had an accident. So am I supposed to conclude that my well trained, mostly obedient puppy-in-training cannot be considered housebroken?!?

I'm still trying to figure out what to think!
~Elijah & Dembre


  1. Kyle had an accident in his kennel today for the first time ever. That was a huge surprise to come home to. I still cannot figure out what happened, and he is 13 months old. All I can figure is that I majorly changed his morning routine today, so even though he got his relieving breaks, everything else was off. The same thing probably happened to Dembre. Even the best housebroken dogs slip on occasion.

  2. Elijah,

    You might want to take a urine sample from Dembre into your vet and have it checked to see if he has a urinary tract infection. Whenever I read or hear of a dog having accidents, who normally doesn't, that is the first thing I think of. Worth checking just in case.

    I hope you are feeling better. I enjoy reading your blog. You are doing a great job with Dembre!


  3. We had gone away for the weekend back in mid July. Ansel was 7 months old at the time, almost 8. We returned, picked him up at the Vet (kennel), brought him home, toileted him and went inside. Within 30 min he walked up to me and proceeded to urinate on the carpet. No more problems since.

    Don't get discouraged, just keep on reinforcing his "hurry" command.

  4. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Very helpful!


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