Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Behind The Name DEMBRE

Have you ever gotten the feeling that your life is crazy and you don't have to do any more than you're already doing? I know I do! Time flies by with things to get done, tests to study for, places go, things to learn, dog training to do. Of course it's been only a few days since I last posted, but I kept on getting on blogger to write a post and always got distracted or remembered something else I needed to do. Now here I am sitting at the computer talking writing about how I haven't gotten a chance to write. That's kind of ridiculous! Well, I better get on with what I'm going to say!!!

When I first got Dembre I didn't bother to ask about his name. I couldn't find the name online and figured it was just a strange name. After having Dembre for seven or eight months I randomly asked Dembre B/C where he got his name. Surprisingly she told me that she had returned from a safari in Africa just in time for the birth of Caro's 'D' litter. During her travels she came across the name Dembre, which means "peace loving." I was amazed! For all that time I had assumed there was no real story behind the name. It was a pleasant surprise. Now when I'm in public and people ask his name and then give me a blank stare after I say "Dembre," I can say "It's an African name" or "It means peace-loving." The name seems to fit him well! He's a very sweet dog and I think that he does love peace!

~Elijah Knapp


  1. Awesome! I always love when there is a story behind the name :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. Oh wow... that's so sweet and I love the meaning of that name! And the story!

  3. I love when names have a story too, and that is an awesome one!

    Sam and Romero


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