Friday, March 4, 2011

The Letter

Yesterday, my birthday, was very fun. I got to spend time with family and almost family :) We had a really fun time!

Later though, came a real birthday surprise.... a letter. Yes, it was the letter. If you're a puppy raiser for CCI you probably know what I'm talking about and if you're a puppy raiser for another organization you probably have an idea what I'm talking about. Yesterday, in the mail, I received a letter from CCI. I opened it thinking it was just some random and unimportant piece of paper. My eyes scanned the page and fell something very important!!!!!!! Dembre's turn-in date!!!!! Yes, Dembre is returning to CCI for training in August-- three months before his original turn-in. I wasn't surprised, but I was sad. I am going to miss a church missions trip that I was planning to go on. I went on the same trip last year and really wanted to go this year, but, well, God had different plans. I took a deep breath and continued with life. Can it be possible? Dembre, my little puppy, is actually leaving in 5 months?!?! Yes, I guess it is. When I come to think of it turn-in day is pretty much around the corner! I'm happy to know when Dembre is turning-in, but at the same time knowing makes it seem all the closer. I'm pretty sure that Dembre will be ready to leave by then, but it doesn't make it easy. Turn-in is, in fact, part of Dembre's destiny!

There is a happier end of the story! When my dad heard that Dembre was officially turning-in this August, he asked if I wanted to take on another puppy. Of course I said yes!!! He said that I'm allowed and so that means, that unless something drastically changes, I'M GETTING ANOTHER PUPPY!!! That's exciting!!!! I would have a much harder time turning-in if I not going to raise for CCI again!

Also, here are some picture from Dembre's "11 months: Train in the Rain Photoshoot"


Dembre gobbling down a treat after doing a perfect sit

He's so intent on looking at me... or is it just the treat that's in my had :)

My handsome boy! I love his shiny eyes and coat.

SO good!

This is the puppy I love! When he leaves I'm gonna miss him like crazy, but knowing the possibilities of his future makes it worth it!

Dembre eagerly takes a treat after doing a sit from a down :)

"Is that food?"

 ~Elijah & Dembre


  1. I know the feeling, I got letter in December for my CCI pup to turn-in three months earlier also. She will be turning in in May instead of August. Time goes by soo fast with these puppies! I hope Dembre flies through advanced training!

  2. Happy Birthday! You're doing such a great job with Dembre, there's not a doubt he'll be ready for AT. Sorry to hear that the date is closer than you thought it would be, though.
    Micron is turning in at the May 13 NC ceremony. If you're there, hunt us down to say hi. I'll be the one crying all over her fuzzy yellow moose dog. But I think he's ready for AT and great things beyond that.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Wow, you get the "IFT" letter this much in advance!?
    SEGDI doesn't send a email/letter till 3 weeks before IFT date!
    Though I just heard the news that Rudy isn't on the IFT list in April, and hopefully won't return till June!

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. That's some cool news Elijah, we'll be able to put a face to names in August. That's when we turn in Ansel.

  5. Happy Birthday Elijah! Enjoy your 5 months together.

  6. First off - Happy Birthday.
    That's great you get that much advance notice. I've stopped checking my mail in case I get Hosta's letter. We're next up - although I'm assuming it will be between June and August.
    Dembre really looks mature in those pics. You've taught him a lot. I'm amazed at the cat distraction. You can borrow Hosta and teach him that!


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