Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Long So Soon

When I got Dembre he was a cute, calm, cuddly little puppy. Now he is a great big, excitable, but still cuddly dog.

When I got Dembre I thought that a year and a half was enough time with one puppy and that it would seem like a long time. Now I see that I only have a few short months left with my wonderful first puppy and that the time has flown by so quickly that I don't know where it went to.

When I got Dembre I thought that it would be such a wait until he could go out in public. Now I realize that I should have been less excited about the future and more content with the present.

The second and third things on the list are both newbie mistakes. I told a friend that next puppy I want to enjoy the little puppy stage and introduce each command and manner with patience and consistency. I don't want to rush the puppy and I want to enjoy each stage easy and tough.

I was at puppy class this evening with many other puppy raiser friends with dogs around Dembre's age that will be turning in their puppies in August with me. One of my good PR friends is turning-in her wonderful pup in the middle of next month. When I first came her puppy was young and had a long way to go. I realize now that I am starting to see dogs arrive as little puppies and will soon see them turn-in. So far all the dogs who have turned-in were already in training when I got Dembre. Since I started raising at least 7 or 8 new puppy raisers have joined and I'm not the only novice.

So long so soon. I look at Dembre and realize I can't just do some training and take him into public. I need to stay focused and passionate. Only too soon will he be gone. I am trying to live and love every moment with my puppy.

a blurry picture of Dembre
there I am a new PR with a fluffy puppy. I was SO excited on the day I got Dembre
Dembre and I now a happy trainer and dog.


  1. Just know that we appreciate everything that puppy raisers do and would not be able to navigate through life with our furry companions without people such as yourself.
    Enjoy the time you guys have left together. :)


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