Friday, July 8, 2011

1 Month of Details!!!!!!!

why can't I just have my little puppy back?
I'm preparing to say goodbye to this little puppy

Was that really so long ago?

I've been really busy recently and in the midst of that I've been trying to work on Dembre training and prepare for turn-in. Today we got the notification that we're supposed to send in Dembre's health records and RSVP for the PR workshop. Our family's trying to plan out how exactly we're going about turn-in. My parents don't want to take the younger children all day, but they want them all to come to turn-in and the graduation ceremony. I feel STRESSED! It doesn't seem like I can keep up with how fast things are going. I am still trying to line up sponsors for the next puppy. The worst thing is I don't know exactly how it all goes so I feel uninformed and rather nervous. I just want things to settle down. 1 month... 1 month... That's all that's left :(......... :) I don't know what to think. It's not even as much about turn-in as it is about preparing for turn-in. I have to gather vet records, send out letters, think, do brush up training, mentally prepare, set up Dembre's final booster shots and...... SO many other things! I want peace!

Why does time fly?
~Elijah & Dembre


  1. I'm sure you'll do great at turn-in and that you'll pull everything together. =) Dembre is such an awesome dog, and it will be sad and exciting at the same time to see him go.

  2. Hi Y'all!

    Oh, but it is such a proud moment, if it is bittersweet.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    P.S. Sorry, have to link through old journal, cause only the pop up comments recognize my blogspot blog.

  3. and I have some similar traits, I think. A wise human told me once not to let the tasks get in the way of the experience...hmmm...I had to chew on that one for a while, but I think I get it now. Trust that it will all get done and embrace the moments you have left with each other.

  4. thanks for the encouragement!!!!!



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