Tuesday, July 5, 2011

15 for 15

Dembre turned 15 months old on the 1st! This is the first month for month post that is late!!!! Today I present 15 thoughts I have about Dembre and puppy raising.
  1. I only have a little more than I month left with Dembre!!!!! I'm excited, surprised, and a little nervous. I am soon to be a second time puppy raiser! And I'll be seeing my favorite black lab in the world. 
  2. I love Dembre so very much, but I'm about ready to turn him in.
  3. I have officially been raising Dembre for 13 + months
  4. I recently sent in my slideshow pictures to CCI and I was like, "Oh my goodness, the time is coming..... SOON" 
  5. On the 2nd I turned in Dembre's final progress report :D I'm not sad about that one
  6. Dembre is AWESOME and I really hope he does REALLY well in AT!
  7. I have gone into crunch time training and feel like I haven't done a great job, but as an afterthought I've spent 13 months training him and so I shouldn't freak out
  8. I'm not quite sure Dembre's perfec ;P
  9. Actually I KNOW that Dembre's not perfect
  10. I LOVE that dog. He can be annoying at times, but he's really quite a good pup
  11. I love how Dembre is great in public and allows anyone to pet him :)
  12. Though I look forward to getting a new puppy, I really will miss Dembre
  13. Dembre means peace-loving and I think the name fits him perfectly
  14. If I could choose to go back to May 28th 2010 and choose a different puppy I would not.
  15. 15 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~Elijah & Dembre


  1. Hi Y'all,

    Hope y'all had a great Independence Day.

    I have no doubt that Dembre will be a great student in AT.

    Dogs tend to pick up many things from their humans. You are an outgoing person and Dembre is going to reflect that. You must remain self assured, so Dembre feels confident.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Thanks, Brown Dog!
    I hope that is true :)


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