Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And the letter is......

I am getting an 'H' puppy. As I said before he's a potential breeder and is flying in on August 17th!
His parents are Hickman and Waverly! I will try to find the puppy's Breeder caretaker and get some pictures up!!!!!!!!!! So excited!
Dembre is also doing well. Over the weekend my mom worked with him on 'stand' and he is doing really great!
Black puppy?

Yellow puppy?
We'll see :)
~Elijah & Dembre 


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see some puppy pictures.

  2. I found pictures of the litter. There are nine puppies... 4 yellow, 5 black. They are SO cute! I'll post pictures soon!

  3. Very exciting!! "H" puppies seem to be everywhere right now. I have an H puppy and when I turned Meeden in we went to a breeder caretaker's house and saw four week old "H" puppies. Well we know your pup won't be a Henning, Hulse, Hooper II, Heidi VI, Helen VII, Hadara, Hagger, Hestia, Hawkeye II (Heidi's litter mates), Herbie, Healey IV, Havanna III, Horizon, Halina II, Hawkins, Harold III, Hari, or Harkin (Thistle x Gulliver "H" litter). Can't wait to see the new puppy!! Congratulations :)

  4. I like Heidi's name better than the rest. I'll start the name game next post.


  5. Obviously our favorite "H" name is Hosta! :) So exciting for you! Can't wait to met him!

  6. Congrats! Our current pup, Yaxley, is from Hickman, too. His mom, Keara, is a golden, which makes Yax a 50/50 cross.
    I wish we could meet up with you at matriculation, but unfortunately I have to miss this one. Will be sending good thoughts your way.


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