Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dembre Photoshoot

love this photo
I finally got a photoshoot of Dembre after saying I would for weeks. I got a lot of photos, but not a lot of great ones.

Also, I found Mr. H's B/C on Facebook and found pictures of the litter. I am going to ask permission to post a picture of the litter on the blog. There are 9 puppies... 4 yellow, 5 black. I don't know how many are males and how many are females though.

As you all know I'm preparing to turn-in Dembre. Well, in the midst of that, my pet dog, Pepin tore a ligament in her back right knee and has to spend the next month under crate rest and walks on leash only. That adds a whole lot of work to me and a whole lot of boring days for her.

Oh, and next post the name game with OFICIALLY begin.

So start thinking of 'H' names.

~Elijah & Dembre


  1. So i hear we will be raising excited! Missed you at class this week.

  2. I know! I heard you're getting a female from the litter. I want a yellow pup, but there are four yellows and five blacks :)

  3. I asked for a yellow also...I think we will be getting two great pups! Did you friend the BC on your fb? I would love to see a pic of the litter.

  4. I don't know who the BC you?

  5. I sent Mr. H's B/C on facebook. Her name is Leann Armbrust. She has litter pictures on her facebook and anyone can see them

  6. Thanks Elijah! I'll look her up. As we get closer to the pick up day, I would like to time it so we could pick up at the same time to take photos together. My schedule is wide open on that date, so I will be there whenever your schedule allows.


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