Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodbye Song

I came home Saturday night and of course when I'm feeling emotional I play piano and sing! Well, I started writing a song and I thought I'd share the current lyrics!

Verse 1: Hello, Goodbye, tears in my eyes as the time flies by,
              Remember yesterday when tomorrow was miles and miles away,

Chorus? (maybe pre-chorus): You laugh and you cry, 'cuz it's time to say goodbye,

Verse 2: Farewell, So long, just a moment and then you're gone,
              Yes, No, it's already stop, but you just said go. 

Now I need help from all the other PRs who have turned-in puppies. I need your thoughts. I am thinking about adding verse three and a bridge as well as adding to the chorus. This is a song dedicated to all of you who do this over and over so I want your ideas!!!!!!

And once again Hobart's coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All those exclamation points.... they mean I'm SUPER excited! I'm going to be picking up that cute little chub ball and raising miracle #2. Can't wait to continue to share my thoughts with you and continue to follow all of your blogs!!!!!

Number 1- ADORABLE

Number 2- ADORABLE
~Elijah & Dembre
P.S. and I know I'm way overposting!!!!! But I have so much to say right now so please bare with me or ignore me :)


  1. Hi Y'all,

    I just caught up on all your adventures from turn in to today...Hobart should be there by now!

    Love your song! When I was young I used to do the same thing, play piano and sing when I was happy, bored or sad. I no longer have a piano and miss it.

    Hope the other PRs help you with the last verse.

    Be back to check on you and Hobart and get the Dembre updates!

    BrownDog's Human

  2. Something that I always do when I turn a puppy in or, in Rocco's case, transfer I never think of it as good bye. I think of it as "see you later". I think it helps me keep a chipper mood. :-) Can't wait to meet little Hobart.

  3. That's what a friend told me :) I believe.

  4. Well I haven't turned in a puppy (yet...) but I do remember a made-up song that went something like this-

    Leaves on the tree wave to me as I pass by
    The last place I saw you
    I wish that I missed you

    Hope it helps!

    Hobart is a cute roly-poly puppy. I can't wait to see more pics of him!

    Remember, when you have something to say, there is not such things as over-posting. :)

  5. Over posting is pure folly. Can't be done, especially with puppy pics!


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