Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Introducing HOBART!!!!!

Introducing Hobart (I think he's Hobart II). He's cute, he's sweet, he has puppy breath, a green ear, and there's nothing not to love!!!!! I absolutely ADORE him! I met my friend who was picking up his sister, Hoya. We got some pics and I have some other exciting news that I will write below the Adorable puppy pics!

Hobart and I at CCI
In front of the CCI sign
in front of the sign
Hobart and I with Sara and Hoya
Sara with Hoya and Hobart and I
Hobart at home
 And now the news! I talked to Adrena Dembre's trainer and got an update! She said that he's adjusting fine! She did temperament test this morning and he did pretty well. He was off leash in a training room and she clapped her hands to see what he would do and he came bounding over and got really excited (Dembre style). She said she thinks they can shape that energy in to a good thing and wasn't concerned. The only thing she had a concern about was that they put a huge stuffed lion in the room and he growled and then barked at it. But they won't release him unless he does it repeatedly on leash (he was off leash.) I felt like that was pretty good! She let us see him and he was very happy to see us!
Dembre and Ansel III

Can't wait to post more adventures with HOBART!!!!!

~Elijah & HOBART!!!!


  1. why is his ear green? LOL
    I'm so happy for your new puppy! He's adorable. :) I'm gonna miss Dembre though. :(


  2. They number tattoo every puppy and we can't wash their right ear for a week so and the die stains their ear for a little while! I miss Dembre, too :)


  3. Welcome Hobart! We're looking forward to reading more about him!

  4. YAY - he's so adorable and I so miss that puppy breath! Did you say all the males are now remaining intact so they might be pulled for breeding? And yay, great news on Dembre!

  5. I know puppy breath is the best thing ever! Yes he's being kept intact as a breeder. Is Hosta?

  6. He's SOO adorable! We're excited to hear more about your adventures.
    So glad to hear that Dembre's doing well too!

  7. That is one cute puppy! I don't know how I'll last till next year before getting a new pup.

    Thanks for posting the picture of Ansel, sure seems to be happy with bud Dembre!

  8. What a cutie pie! Can't wait to see him go through the rest of his training!

    I was about to ask why his ear was green too! Haha! When we were still tatoo-ing they did it early and we got our pups with clean ears. :-D

  9. Awww, Elijah, Hobart's adorable! It must be so exciting to have a new puppy, even though you must miss Dembre. I have to admit though--Isaac, Cassie, Grant, and I were laughing today over the name Hobart earlier today. :P I shall never make fun of Dumb-Brain Dembre again. hehe!

  10. Thankfully Hobart isn't as bad as Dembre and my aunt works at Hobart Arena so she thinks it 's great! I certainly miss Mr. Dumb-brain, too!


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